about us

Our Inspiration

During our many interviews with parents and teachers, some of the most reoccurring problems stated, were lack of effective communication between parents and teachers, and not always being able to provide meal plans or daily reports in the children diaries due to time constraints.
Earlyyearz is here to change that...

The Possibilities

How would you like if there is an easy to use system; that can support you continuously in creating and maintaining happy teacher and parent communication?
Are you tired of paper-work that takes away your time from focusing about what really matters ‘the children’ or is it difficult to manage your time in writing daily reports in the diaries of the many children under your care?
If you have answered yes to any of the questions listed above or would prefer a professional and easy to use childcare management software. Then you are at the right place.

Good News

Earlyyearz Services is a childcare management support service founded in Kenya, that provides modern and easy to use web-based software; that allows Childcare Institutions to easily manage and store children information all in one place, with the click of a button teachers can document and access all their children information and communicate with parents all in one place with one login.
Earlyyearz software solves the problem of lack of happy and effective communication between teachers and parents and largely reduces paperwork; allowing teachers to have more time to focus on what truly matters ‘the Children’.

The Vision

Earlyyearz Services LTD is committed to delivering professional childcare management software, supporting Childcare Institutions in nurturing friendly and professional communication between teachers and parents and documenting children’s personal information, attendance, meal plans, lesson plans, short videos and photos all in one place.

Meet The Director Of Management and Business Marketing


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