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About Us

Earlyyearz Web App Software

The only All-in-one childcare management web-application you will ever need. Our Web-app can be accessed on computers, mobile phones and other digital devices with internet connection.

Professional and Friendly Communication

Direct communication between teachers and parents. Our childcare management software provides an easy messaging system for communication between teachers and parents. Teachers can send important messages and updates to parents, and parents can message teachers all in one place.

Mark Children Attendance

Get the school day started easily. Digitally record children’s attendance on our software. It is super easy to do!

Digital Diary

Say goodbye to paper diaries! Now with the comfort of your mobile phone, laptop or computer you can digitally manage daily reports. Parents can also be updated about their children’s daily activities and learning progress on our software.

Smart accident Report

Digitally record accidents. As childcare providers, children under our care may occasionally have an accident and when it does, teachers can digitally record the details of what happened and share it with parents.

Healthful Meal Plan

Teachers can upload meal plans to inform parents about meals given to the children at school throughout the day.

Creative Lesson Plan

We appreciate the value of learning. Document and share lesson plans among teachers and parents with the click of a button all in one place.

Happy Photo and Video Sharing

Let’s capture memorable moments. Document and upload photos and videos of the children’s school trips, special moments, sports days and milestone achievements, etc and then share it with parents with a click of a button on our software.

Friendly Payments Reminder

School fee payments is an asset to the growth of various learning intuitions. Earlyyearz allows you to send friendly school fee payment reminders to parents.

Homework Reminder

Homework is important. Teachers can send messages to parents about homework their children may need to complete when necessary.

Why Earlyyearz?

  • Our software contributes to creating better teacher and parent communication.
  • We offer a free 7days trial of our software.
  • We provide professional and easy to use technology making childcare management simple.
  • Our software allows childcare institutions to reduce paperwork and have more time for the children under your care.
  • We guarantee the best customer support service and will answer any queries within 24 hours.
  • We promise professional and top-class modern technology at an affordable cost.
  • We use the best cloud-computing so your data can never be lost.

Our promise to you

Earlyyearz Services LTD is committed to delivering professional childcare management software, supporting childcare institutions in nurturing friendly and professional communication between teachers and parents and documenting children’s personal information, attendance, meal plans, lesson plans, short videos and photos all in one place.

How does it work?

Simply fill in some basic information on our ‘school registration section' and a member of our team will be in contact with you within 24hrs, please note that you will also have the option of accessing our FREE trial for 7days.

Who Uses Early Yearz?

Childcare Directors

Schools and parent communication is 100% better!


We feel involved in our children’s progress while they are at school


We have more time to focus on the learning of the children.

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